The 1980's Dance Class for Mum Bodies

Mum-Dance is the 1980’s Dance Class phenomenon that’s sweeping across the UK! At Mum-Dance there’s no hard work, just brilliantly fun and effective dance routines to all your best 1980’s songs such as Chaka, Whitney, Salt n Pepa and Wham. Mum-Dance gives you results on your separated abs, pelvic floor function and overall muscle tone with our combination of moving pilates, dance, aerobic workout and simple ballet.

Be a part of the Mum-Dance Massive, the fast growing community of Mum-Dancers all doing the iconic Mum-Dance routines of Fame, Dirty Dancing, Wuthering Heights, Club Tropicana and Flashdance all in your local school and community centre.

Come to Mum-Dance in your baggies and before you know it you will be in your leotard and legwarmers!! Come to Mum-Dance, be in Fame all over again, Come to Mum-Dance and get YOU back!

Come to Mum-Dance and get YOU back!

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Get Spandexed Up!

Life is always more fun in our performace dance wear made from original 1980s patterns!

At Mum-Dance we are passionate about giving women the chance to recover their body. When you get your physical strength back you get your emotional strength back too.

"When you listen to an 80s radio station at work and Bonnie Tyler comes on, you have a very strong urge to get out of your seat and run across the room punching the air!!"

Rachael Kumar

"Absolutely love this class, look forward to it every week!! I tend to feel very self conscious at anything like this but Hebe creates a fun, relaxed atmosphere with brilliant routines and fab music. Can't recommend highly enough and already noticing results!!"

Mel Bowen

"This is the single best exercise class I've ever done - pre or post having my boys. It is an amazing over all workout and after a year of going I'm stronger and fitter than ever...It's honestly the best part of my week with the brilliant tunes and fun approach."

Polly Tuckwell

"In just 3 weeks Mum Dance has helped me reduce the bulge of my separated abs - hurrah! It's good fun too, very much recommend coming along!"

Helen Chapman

"Brilliant class, great fun whatever age shape, we all had a giggle, may even attempt a leotard for next week"

Heidi Bradshaw